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A friendly community to discuss Linux, Open source, Technology, Coding, Free software, and any other tech-related topic you like.

This community was created on 5th July, 2021 by Projjal, and is owned Tux. The real one? maybe.
Linux community, in general, is very large and decentralized, and it's good to be kept like that. But this one aims to be a general one, where every member can feel united, whether they use linux or not, all they need is the passion for it, love for technology, or any value that's essential to you.

The main goal of this community is to make the linux userspace more friendly, welcoming, strong as in unity, and free as in everyone's free to have their own opinions and beliefs, but to that extent, it doesn't violate the guidelines. But hey! You're always free to form your own group/community, where the members share a common opinions/interests/beliefs. This community is meant for everyone in the linux space, that's why some guidelines have to be maintained to keep it a safe place for everyone.

Whether you use Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone or other systems, and whether you like proprietary or FOSS, and whatever your likings, nationality, profession, knowledge, or any of your demographic features be, it doesn't matter. You're always more than welcome to this community. Just respect the guidelines and make yourself at home :)

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